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4700 S.W. 51st STREET SUITE #209

About Us

Sea Style is a company dedicated to enhancing your coastal living through specialized design of equipment for table, kitchen, cabin, bathroom and deck. Always striving to make life on board more pleasant and comfortable. Representing MARINE BUSINESS, S.A. from Spain, we offer more than 20 collections where every lover of yachting will find his choice. Sea Style will supply your specific needs with products that are designed to be sturdy, long lasting and safe to make your onboard experience a lasting one. With over 19 years combined experience in the International Marine Market, Sea Style has served customers with only one thing in mind: We Care!

Our Values
We at Sea Style believe we cannot separate quality from style. Our motivation is that when you are on a break from your everyday life, you should be able to celebrate life in style with the exclusive and most elegant products that you deserve.